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Cutting and bending
Vogten Staal B.V.

Postbus 17
NL-6240 AA Bunde
Ankerkade 85
6222 NL Maastricht
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)43 363 20 00
F: +31 (0)43 363 46 06
In 1967, Huub Vogten, the grandfather of the current managing director Dennis Vogten, set up a company dealing in rolling mill products (Vogten Staal). In 1972 as a result of an increase in demand, he created a production company called ‘Rapid Metaal’. The purpose of this company was to cut plate steel to size for clients so that they could process it directly. To handle this type of work the company found an excellent property in the Beatrix Harbour in Maastricht.

Vogten Staal rond 1967

In 1996 Jos Vogten took over the whole of the group and under his management, the property in Beatrix Harbour soon became too small so the company went in search of additional premises. They found this just a couple of dozens of metres from the first location. Together with Novasilmec, a decoil installation was designed for the new premises on Klipperweg that met Vogten’s specific requirements. This set a new norm in the plate processing industry.

In 2003 after the unexpected death of his father, Dennis took over the helm. After a rapid learning process in the world of steel, he found that the direction that the company had taken under the leadership of his father, deserved to be extended even further in order to meet the increasing demands of clients for quality and service. This resulted in the purchase of a new 50,000 m2 plot in Beatrix Harbour.

In August 2007 work started on the construction of a 300 metre long loading and unloading quay in the Beatrix Harbour. A roof was put up over the full length so that 40 ton cranes could drive in unhindered and load and unload in the dry. In the nine halls covering a surface area of approximately 40,000 m²in all, three completely new lines were constructed. A coil ‘pickling’ line, a decoil line and a cutting line that enabled Vogten Staal to supply an even greater assortment of hot rolled products that meet the highest quality requirements.

This puts Vogten well on the way to becoming one of the leading steel service centres in Europe.

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