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Cutting and bending

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Vogten Staal B.V.

Postbus 17
NL-6240 AA Bunde
Ankerkade 85
6222 NL Maastricht
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)43 363 20 00
F: +31 (0)43 363 46 06
Steel in virtually any size and finish delivered when you need it
Because of the large stocks held in Maastricht (on average 60,000 tonnes) and the expertise which the group has built up in being able to deliver steel very quickly and ‘just in time’, many steel processing companies in Western Europe have come to regard Vogten as their ‘external’ warehouse.

After all, why should the customer itself keep a large and thus costly stock and office space if he can get virtually any size and quality delivered from an ‘external’ warehouse on demand within a few hours or at the most within a few days?

If the materials you require are not in stock, we can offer these within a reasonable time from freshly rolled output. Watch the video: Problem-free delivery.

Through years and years of networking, Vogten Staal is also capable of offering products that have been processed externally at competitive prices. With regard to these, Vogten Staal has contracts with blasting companies, laser and plasma cutting companies, etc. This enables us to supply you with almost any service you could wish for.

In the heart of Europe

Vogten in het hart van EuropaBesides our flexible organisation, the convenient location of our production sites with respect to waterways and motorways is important for a very fast delivery. Vogten customers can be found all over Europe.

The Beatrixhaven in Maastricht is linked to several waterways enabling inland shipping vessels with a capacity of up to 2,000 tons to unload their cargo almost daily at Vogten. This sets the stage for us to be able to serve our customers well and quickly with high quality sheet steel.

Through a large network of transport companies we work with, we are able to fully deliver your order to your front door at competitive prices.

Watch the video: Vogten Staal - In the heart of Europa.

Processing Methods

Choose one of the following processing methods for more information:
pickling, decoiling, cutting & bending, slitting.

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